Our approach will be collaborative, transparent and respectful.

We will learn from each other and be innovative in our approach. 

Together, we will harness the engine of ideas that is the University, the experience of local residents, and the entrepreneurial spirit that is characteristic of Calgary to create a community that is future-focused with a strong sense of place.

We are committed to open, proactive communication.

The Trust believes that dialogue and collaboration will result in a better plan that captures the opportunities of the land while incorporating the values and priorities of stakeholders.

We will combine iterative planning process with stakeholder engagement.

Our formal stakeholder working group included:

  • The surrounding five communities (Montgomery, St. Andrew’s Heights, Parkdale, University Heights, Varsity)
  • The University of Calgary (faculty, students and administration)
  • Alberta Health Services
  • The City of Calgary

Over 2012 to 2014, this group was instrumental to identify the parts of the 2007 Master Plan that were seen as desirable and the elements that needed to be re-imagined.

Through the combined input of the stakeholder working group and ongoing public engagement, the updated Master Plan for West Campus is truly a plan built through community.

View panels from the last public engagement event in May 2014 (PDF) before land use approval.

Bringing vision to life.

The process to finalize the Master Plan, receive approvals and move forward on implementation followed a number of steps:

  • Consultation  with stakeholders to update the Master Plan. 
  • Submission of an outline plan and land use application to the City of Calgary. 
  • Completion of the subdivision process (in phases).
  • Marketing the land to builder partners.
  • Applying for permits for municipal development and construction permits.